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Primobolan 200 or Methenolone Enanthate is one of the numerous derivatives of dihydrotestosterone. Unlike other popular steroids, Primobolan by Dragon Pharma is used not so much for gaining mass, but for drying and fixing the results of a steroid cycle. The drug has a moderate anabolic and enhanced androgenic effect, which contributes to an impressive increase in physical performance without a special mass gain. Both beginners and experienced professional athletes are advised to buy Primobolan. The effectiveness and quality of the drug has been tested by thousands of buyers all over the world.

Properties and effects

Validity period: 14 days. Time of complete clearance from the body: 4-5 months. Advantages:

Long-lasting effect. The product has a long half-life, which eliminates the need for frequent injections. Taking it 2-3 times a week is enough.

No aromatization. The active substance acts strictly according to its intended purpose, without turning into estrogens.

The practical absence of the phenomenon of kickback.

4.The strengthening of muscles, an increase in the overall tone of the body and immunity, the suppression of catabolic processes, and a decrease in the volume of subcutaneous fat are clearly noticeable. These results are also impressive: increased stiffness and elasticity of the muscles, a more pronounced definition of the musculature, increased strength and endurance.

How to take Primobolan

The optimal dose is considered to be 200-800mg of the active substance per week. For a uniform effect, it is recommended to divide it into 2-3 doses per week. The course duration is 6 or 8 weeks. Due to the relative safety of Primobolan, this drug can be called universal for combination with other anabolics. The steroid is effective both for drying and for gaining mass

Side effects and disadvantages

Methenolone Enanthate is characterized by a mild effect and relative safety for the body. Nevertheless, even such a non-aggressive drug may have a side effect with an incorrectly compiled course, like:

  • Reduced synthesis of endogenous testosterone;
  • Insomnia;
  • Increased aggression;
  • Nervousness;
  • Decreased sexual activity.
  • Practice shows that if you follow the instructions and do not abuse them, the side effects do not occur. The only nuance is the need to get the hormonal background in order at the end of the course. It is recommended to use medications that stimulate the production of the natural male hormone.


Methenolone Enanthate from Dragon Pharma is very popular among athletes. Reviews about the steroid are mostly positive: it performs its functions perfectly, does not cause discomfort during administration and does not harm health. You can buy anabolics, including Primobolan, in our specialized online store. Shop here and get an original high-quality drug! In the Primobolan injection section you can see products from other manufacturers. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full section of Injectable Steroids. Delivery of Primobolan to the USA is carried out within 5-12 business days. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service team.

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